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Completion of contract:
The Contract between the guest and the HBG Loccumer Hof mbH is considered completed under the following conditions:
- as soon as the hotelroom, conference/or seminar room has been booked and confirmed
- in cases of two copies of contract, when the copy with the signature of guest has been received by hotel
- if the signed copy of written confirmation of the reservation has been returned within timelimit set down in confirmation
- if an acceptance/confirmation by hotel is not possible due to shortage time, then just by making the room(s) available.

The reserved room is ready for the guest from 2.00 p.m. onwards.
The guest is not entitled to particular rooms or premises (events). If, however, the premises agreed on are not available, the hotel is under obligation to find equivalent accommodation in either the hotel or in another location.

Changes and cancellations
Deadlines when there are no Trade Fairs or other Big Events:
Accommodation (up to 14 persons: individual guest):
The deadline for Cancellations corresponds to the agreed length of stay (days before arrival).

Accommodation from 15 persons upwards (group arrangement):
For contingents of more than 15 persons (group arrangement) the following deadlines for cancellations and changes are effective:
up to 90 days before arrival= complete cancellation
up to 45 days before arrival= cancellation up to 50% of agreed room nights
up to 30 days before arrival= cancellation up to 20% of agreed room nights
up to 10 days before arrival= cancellation up to 10% of agreed room nights

As from 10 days before arrival= no cancellation free of charge possible

If the agreed contingent comprises more than 200 roomnights the above-mentioned deadline are prolonged by 30 days.

Deadlines during trade fairs and other big events
Once the Contract is signed there is no cancelation free of charge.
- Up to 45 days before arrival = up to 50% of roomnights
- Up to 30 days before arrival = up to 10% of roomnights
- As from 30 days before arrival = no cancelation free of charge possible
These terms are valid and particular for the HBG Loccumer Hof mbH

If the guest doesn´t show up (without cancellation) and there is a guaranteed reservation, the hotel reserves the right to charge 80% of the agreed total price in lieu of a no-show fee.
during Trade Fairs and other Big Events in cases of no-show the hotel reserves the right to charge 100% of the full price for the first night in lieu of a no-show fee. If it is not possible to let the rooms during the booked period, the complete number of days reserved will be charged

In case required advance payments have not been recieved on time (if no specific time is given - at the latest 30 days before arrival) the hotel reserves the right to cancel the complete contract.

Liability for offers
The given prices are inclusive prices, i. e. inclusive of service an VAT (MwSt). If the time lapse between the completion of the contract and its fulfillment comes to more than 180 days, the hotel reserves the right to change prices without notice. Sudden changes of the proportionate rate of VAT are charged to the guest irrespective of the time of contract completion. All listed prices and prive agreements are valid in Euro. In as far as a prices in foreign currency is given, this is not binding and only meant for orientation and based on the current rate of exchange on that particular day.

All guest bills are to be paid immediately in cash.

Invoices sent due to previously arranged credit agreements are payable in full within 14 days of reciept. Any default in payments is charged with a 1% interest on arrears (for each new month). The hotel reserves the right to refuse acceptance of foreign currency, cheques and credit cards. The following credit cards are accepted: Mastercard, Visa, Diners, Amexco. Vouchers from Travel Companies are only accepted if there is a credit agreement with a particular campany or if the relevant advance payments have been made. A reimbursement of vouchers to the guest due to services entitled to and not used, is not possible.

Exclusion of third parties
Claims and entitlements based on contracts with the hotel can only be tranferred to third parties with the consent of the hotel owner.

The contract partners of the hotel or the guest as such as host is liable to the hotel for the full extent for all damages caused by him or his guests. If the rooms rented by a guest are used for other purposes than laid down in the contract, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the contract without notice and without any reducion of the agreed price. In case the hotel owner is prevented from fulfilling the contract due to force majeure or strike no compensation can be claimed. However, the hotel owner is obliged to look around procure equivalent services. The hotel is liable towards the guest according to the provisions of the BGB (Civil Law Code), that is the hundredfold of the room price up to a maximum of Euro 3.000,-- The liability of the hotel is execluded if the room or cases in which the guest keeps property are not locked. For money and and valuables according to § 701 BGB the liability does not exceed Euro 750,-- The guests are requested to leave valuables at the reception. Money is to be deposited openly against reciept.

* NOTICE that the hotel has the right to cancel the contract without the guest being able to claim compensation
- in case of force majeure
- for other reasons not in the power of the hotel
- if the reputation of the house is in jeopardy
- if the daily hotel operations might be considerably obstructed/disturbed
- if the guest publishes newspaper advertisement which show a connection with the hotel or if the guest invites other personal interviews or sales drives without the written consent of the hotel

The guest is requested to notify the reception of his departure by the latest at 10.00 p.m. The roomes have to be vacated by 10.00 a.m. unless otherwise agreed with the reception.

Use of names
The use of name of the enterprise (hotel) and sections and dependencies thereof in connection with advertising of the contract partner requires the written consent from the hotel owner.

Photo, video & soundrecording at Hotel Loccumer Hof
All photo, video and audio recordings with commercial background (for example, for print media, sedcard, for use on hotel portals or other online and offline media)at Hotel Loccumer Hof (incl. hotel rooms, restaurant, meeting rooms and all public and staff areas) are prohibited.
Video and/or audio recordings as part of a meeting or incentive at the hotel (for example, Conference, workshop, meeting, concert, party) require a written approval of the Hotel Loccumer Hof GmbH & Co. KG management. The same applies for any later use of video and/or sound recordings.
Violations result in legal actions or claims for compensation.

Wake-up service
The hotel endeavours to carry out the wake-up service with great care. Compensation due to failure, however, is excluded.

Property left behind
Objects left behind are only forwareded on request. The hotel is committed to store left property for 6 months. Thereafter the property is passed on the local Lost and Found Office if this property is of visible value.

Mail and goods cansignments
Message, mail and parcels for our guests are handled with great care. The hotel undertakes the storage, delivery or forwarding. Liablity for loss, delay or damage is excluded.

Court of jurisdiction
is at the location of the enterprise (hotel). Deviating business conditions of the costumer are expressly excluded according to the afore-said.

Salvatorian Special Clause
In case particular provisions of the general business conditions are invalid or become invalid, the legal effect of the other provisions is not affected. The relevant provision is to be replaced by a more effective one which comes as close as possible to the required economic purpose

Hannover, 01.01.2001

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